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Educational Advocacy


During our initial meeting I listen to your concerns and aspirations for your child's education.  We build a strong foundation of trust and collaboration from the very start, setting the stage for a meaningful partnership in advocating for your child's educational needs. 


We will then collaborate to strategize and plan the next steps in advocating for your child's needs. Together, we'll create a tailored action plan to ensure your child receives the best educational support possible.


 Together, we'll ensure that your child receives the individualized support they need to thrive in their educational environment. This may involve creating an accommodation plan, coordinating with specialized therapists, or developing a special education strategy,

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Emily Elliott, MBA, MA


Emily Elliott is an exceptional Educational Advocate with over two decades of experience. She has dedicated her career to helping students achieve their potential by providing personalized support and guidance. Emily's expertise in navigating the education system has helped countless families overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. With her passion for education and unwavering commitment to her clients, Emily is a trusted ally for anyone seeking to navigate the complex world of education.


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