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Beacon RVA, an innovative and community-focused learning collaborative, is looking for motivated and passionate team members.  If you share our love for creating environments centered around creativity, collaboration and community focused education we encourage you to write a proposal for a specialty class or workshop.   

Student engagement and positive encouragement are at the core of our delivery.  Our team is excited and ready to shake up the education industry by leveraging the latest technology to cultivate the student’s passion and group relationships.  If you are ready to empower students and make learning fun, then let’s talk.


Perks for you:

  • Flexible schedule to help give you work-life balance

  • Take part in instructor learning groups to develop your craft with like-minded individuals

  • Work remotely or onsite depending on your course

  • Shared revenue model

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Beacon Learning Collaborative please complete the course proposal below and we look forward to being in contact soon.

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