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In Person Support

Monday - Friday, 7:30-3:30

Located in Midlothian, VA




Licensed and experienced teachers support children during their virtual learning experience.   


Academic Coaching

We observe children in their natural academic environment and are able to personalize a plan for sharpening organization and study skills.

Social Engagement 

Time with other children and supportive adults is something our students need and enjoy.  We offer a safe and intimate environment for children to play and laugh during breaks and before and after school time.


Enrichment & Remediation

This is a perfect time to offer students individualized instruction in areas they need an additional challenge or areas they could use reinforcement.  Ideally, when it is time to go back to school, they will be better prepared and more engaged in all areas.

Private Learning Suites

Our private, learning spaces are comfortable and distraction free.  We also have a large commons space that is filled with natural light and conducive to learning space for those that work better with a little buzz of noise.  


We have supplied with materials for students to create throughout the day.  Whether it is doodling with gel pens while note taking or painting a sunset during lunch break, students are encouraged to explore visual arts.  We also use manipulatives to reinforce math facts and skills, teach color coded writing methods and let student choose the medium that helps them the most.

Extra Curricular 

Students participate in activities beyond the virtual learning space. We perform plays, have four-square tournaments and laugh during a morning game of Heads-Up or Madlibs.  This might be on of our students' most favorite part of their experience and certainly important to their social well-being. 

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