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Creating learning experiences for today's students.

At Beacon RVA, we are creating an environment for life long learners to thrive in Richmond and beyond. We provide learning support, enrichment opportunities, and creative projects, both in person and virtually. Let us help you find a learning opportunity that fits your family's needs.

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Our Story

The Beacon Learning Collaborative is a community-based innovative platform that brings local students from different walks of life that value or enjoy common interests. "We are a mission with a company and not a company with a mission." -Brian Haug, Founder


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We are passionate about connecting our community to new and innovative ways of learning.  By nurturing the educator in everyone, we know that we are empowering students, teachers and families to learn from one another.



We guide students through the process of embracing their own interests and talents.  From there, they develop a healthy and well-rounded motivation toward learning.  Through positive reinforcement and individualized lessons, our practice allows for both the student and the teacher to grow and thrive.



We believe that students thrive when they feel safe in their environment, secure in their abilities and supported by people that believe education is a lifelong priority.



We are committed to supporting all learners.  Students that experience learning differences, those who need financial assistance and families searching for educational guidance.  Giving back to our community is a core tenant of our work.


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