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Homeschool Math Concepts, Practice & Reinforcement for children age 11 and up. Each quarter a new theme will shape the content practiced. Taught by, Vicky Calloway, engaging and amazing math certified instructor. Meets Tuesdays & Thursdays from 2-3:30pm. $360 Quarter 4 – Algebra Intro Students will finish the year being introduced to concepts like variables, solving equations, linear equations and many more with a focus on real world problem solving and taking our time through challenging concepts. Lesson Structure: -Engaging, hands-on warmup (2:00-2:15) -examples: building with Legos, using objects to estimate distance, cross-curricular tie-ins like art and music -Introduce a concept (2:15-2:30) -examples: operations on fractions, ordering integers on number line, introduction to variables, exponent rules -Activity time (2:30-3:15) -complete teacher-provided work focused on concept in groups or individually -or bring your own homework and receive tutoring in a group setting -students allowed breaks as needed within the building Exit ticket (3:15-3:30) -on Tuesday students will receive work and instructions to take home and practice -on Thursday students will receive a simple exit ticket to finish before being dismissed focused on the concept of the week

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  • 14732 Village Square Place, Midlothian, VA, USA


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