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Homeschool Math Concepts, Practice & Reinforcement for children age 11 and up. Each quarter a new theme will shape the content practiced. Taught by, Vicky Calloway, engaging and amazing math certified instructor. Meets Tuesdays & Thursdays from 2-3:30pm. $360 Quarter 3 – Number Sense Students will begin to work with integers on the number line, associating negative numbers with real world values. Students will develop the ability to combine these numbers however they’re presented using their understanding of the number line. We will begin operating on these numbers using order of operations towards the end of the quarter. Lesson Structure: -Engaging, hands-on warmup (2:00-2:15) -examples: building with Legos, using objects to estimate distance, cross-curricular tie-ins like art and music -Introduce a concept (2:15-2:30) -examples: operations on fractions, ordering integers on number line, introduction to variables, exponent rules -Activity time (2:30-3:15) -complete teacher-provided work focused on concept in groups or individually -or bring your own homework and receive tutoring in a group setting -students allowed breaks as needed within the building Exit ticket (3:15-3:30) -on Tuesday students will receive work and instructions to take home and practice -on Thursday students will receive a simple exit ticket to finish before being dismissed focused on the concept of the week

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  • 14732 Village Square Place, Midlothian, VA, USA


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